Flexible IT Support



Whatever IT challenges you face or however big or small your IT setup is, let Reward I.T. take the worry and hassle out of it. We love keeping IT working and our customers happy, and we do this by employing measured, effective and cost effective support services to people just like you.

  • Quick response times

    We do not like hiding behind complicated terms and conditions and restrictive SLAs, instead we try and help immediately this time and every time. Our target response times are amongst the fastest you will see and what's more we beat these targets virtually every single time.

  • Support when you need it

    We support you when you need help, not when it suits us. We can provide full 24x7x365 cover if you need it, or we can alter our support times for when you are open and need us. We have customers who have support from 0700-1330 Monday to Sunday. You might not be 9-5, and neither are we.

  • Taking care of you and your needs

    We think IT support companies often get it wrong by funnelling customers into a particular product or service offering. They do it because it is what their suppliers incentivise them to, or because it is what makes them the most money, or because it's just what they prefer. We offer such a wide range of services and products that our suggestions are based on what is right for you, your budgets and your needs. Your requirements are always more important to us than ours.

  • We love what we do

    We are unashamed about being a bit nerdy. We love IT and we love making it work and keeping it working. We are interested in the latest technology and always make sure we know how suitable a product will be before you want it, but we also make sure we are able to look after older equipment as well.

  • Guaranteed service

    We guarantee you'll like what we do and we guarantee to beat any genuine like for like quote for IT support and provide you with better levels of service. If we do not live up to your expectations you are free to leave, without penalty, as we do not tie people in to lengthy contracts

  • Full control and managed

    Our tailored support solutions are designed to give you exactly the amount of input you want, we can take care of a small part of your IT or absolutely all of it. Our services are all easy to manage and control and are responsive to your ever changing needs. We have a superb level of visibility and control over what we do, meaning we generally get to know about a problem before it impacts on your business.